Industrio Ventures is a startup accelerator and boutique investor active in the Industry 4.0. We work individually with each accelerated startup with the aim of founding the company (if not already established), filing one or more patents, creating a prototype and validating the market of reference.


At Industrio Ventures, we are committed to evaluating all applications and getting in touch with the most interesting in a short time.

The selected teams will receive an equity investment and support to accelerate the development of their company.

To apply, sign in on F6S, the online platform dedicated to business founders, and complete your profile, it will take you about 15 minutes in total (we suggest to use your company email or your LinkedIn profile to sign in):

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We are looking for the best entrepreneurs, determined to change the world with their products and to have an impact on the way people use technology.

We invest in various strategic sectors for the future, such as mechatronics, IoT, robotics, computer vision, additive manufacturing, biomedical, smart mobility.

Industrio Ventures offers you and your team funding, professional resources to develop your prototype, experience, management, and relationship to help your company launch its product on the market, as well as a workstation at our space. We operate throughout Italy, and in particular in the north-east, but also in Boston (thanks to our new Industrio Point) and in Germany, in Dresden.

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