How does Industrio work?

We take teams that have developed a concept or a prototype that has the potential to scale. Industrio invests in only hardware startups made by a team of 2+ entrepreneurs that want to build a disruptive product like: consumer device, B2B devices, automation and mechatronics, robotics, biohacking, energy and environment, smart home appliances, Internet of things. Teams accepted to the 20 weeks program will establish a company in Italy and work close to a vibrant community of industries to validate their business model and finalize their product.

Who can apply?

Teams from all over the world can apply. If you have something from a concept on we are happy to see what you have in mind. If you have already a startup funded, please specify when you started it and the nature of your previous funding.

What about the Visa?

We offer a Startup Visa process to selected teams in order to attend the program and start working in Italy. More info

What Industrio can offer to me?

We’ll provide to you and your team a seed fund, professional prototyping development resources and strong manufacturing support to help your company launching your product in the market.
Teams that accept to attend Industrio, receive a total investment value of up to 125.000€ and give up between 10-15% of common stocks depending on maturity of the team and product feasibility.
We expect your company can generate revenue before the end of the program and we will support you to define the better strategy and mix of resources to continue your growth.

In details our investment will provide you:

  1. Funding​ – the initial funding to support your stay at Industrio, build a demo or a prototype and drive you to your first customers and revenue. This is for up to 25.000€ per company.
  2. Acceleration Program & Mentorship​ – we support you on:
    • Lean hardware development and methodology in order to create your business model, validate it and
    • Setup your company and build an IP and Patent strategy
    • Shape your business model, position your company, brand it and design your product.
    • Access and full use of the Industrio in-house techshop
    • Office 24/7 with desk, internet, kitchen, beautiful view on vineyards and Mountains
    • Introduce you to top level mentors and professionals who knows well how to startup and run a business, building innovative products and growth a technological startup.

    This has a value of 25.000€ per company.

  3. Prototyping & Production Partners​ – you and your team will have access to a network of professionals, Industry partners and free to use tools that will help you bring your prototype and pre-series to manufacturing faster. Our partners will offer you professional and manufacturing infrastructure, materials and time to bring your product to market with:
    • Microelectronic facility
    • Electronics and Bluetooth communication
    • Materials and Rapid Manufacturing technology (CNC, FDM, DLS)
    • Mechanics and Mechatronics

    Also selected teams will have exclusive access to software suite that are a perfect match for your hardware startups. You will use:

    • Ansys
    • Arrow
    • Mathworks
    • Microsoft

    All this will have a value of more than 25.000€ per company

  4. Bank bridge loan approved ​- in case after the program your startup need some funds to finalize the product or first customers, we offer you, thorugh our network of partners, the access to a pre-authorized bank loan. This is for 50.000€ per company.
What's expected of me during the program?

This is your journey but we expect you to be present during all the program in Italy and participate to all sessions and modules offered by the program.
You will pass by weekly mentoring sessions and monthly review meeting to show your progress, solve problems and prepare your startup to potential investor and industry partners with a great presentation, a business plan and a working demo.

Who is behind Industrio?

Our team of 12+ expert and partners is composed by entrepreneurs, professionals and tech guy that come from the manufacturing sector. We know how to build a hardware business and we help you too.
Meet our team, and see our growing list of amazing partners and alumni startups here (

How can I Apply to Industrio?

The application for Industrio is available on the website. Completing our online application will sign your company up to be considered for the program, but does not guarantee acceptance.

What are the teams you're looking to work with?

We choose great founders that want to change the world with their product and impact the way people use and love with technology.
The Team is the metric we use to decide to accept your project and invest in your startup. In the application process let us know that your team is strong, complete in term of competences and skills, passionate to work together and build a hardware startup.

If I accepted, do I need to headquarter my business in Italy?

Yes. If you are accepted into Industrio, the startup that we help you to launch must be headquartered anywhere in Trentino and the business must pay all applicable regional taxes.

Place to live

We will certainly provide guidance to help you find a place to stay, but you’re mostly on your own with this one. The good news is you can absolutely count on affordable living in Trentino.
Take a look here:

How much access will we get to the mentors?

Different mentors will be coming in and out of the Industrio space at periodic times. Some won’t be physically there but available. Some will interact once in a while, some every day. We’ll be working on setting up office hours so everyone can get some one on one time, and we hope to have workshops with mentors as they are available. There is also always the opportunity to email or contact mentors directly via our message boards.

Are there any obligations after the program?

No. Though we do hope you continue to be an active member of the Industrio alumni group. Even after the program, the resources of the Industrio are still at your fingertips – including helping you find investors and mentors. You don’t have to stay in Trento (although we would love you to). Ultimately, we are building a strong community that you are part of for years to come and hope you are looking for the same thing.

Am I required to stay in Trentino after the program?

Absolutely not. We advise you to live where you can best realize your business and goals. You can keep a strong manufacturing base in Italy but it’s important to stay close to your customers.

What happens at the end of Industrio program?

Industrio will continue to support you after the program to take the best decisions and move forward. The way to become a hardware startup is still long and we will be your side for the journey supporting you and your team on manufacturing, sales, partnerships and business development.

What's in your techshop?

At Industrio we have a complete workshop settled with:

  • Laser Cutter
  • CNC Machine
  • 3D printer
  • Basic Machine Toolbench
  • Oscilloscope
  • Multimeter
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • AC Power

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