What we do

Here at Industrio we are committed to funding and building great products. But we do more than investing. We provide to you and your team a seed fund, professional prototyping development resources and strong manufacturing support.

All you need to grow

Industrio is focused on support pre-revenue hardware startups that are looking to grow and bring amazing products to market from Italy. Twice a year (in spring and autumn) we run a 6 months prototype-to-product program where we drive selected teams to achieve the most important things a hardware startup need to accomplish in the shorter time: business model, prototype, DFM, certification, go to market, fund raising. Also every week you will meet with our 40+ advisor network and partners that will give you feedback on your product concepts, prototypes and product development.

A unique model

Lean methodology

A solid adaptive model

During the acceleration program you and your team will transform your prototype into a company working in one of the best industrial and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world: Italy. Our model will let your startup grow in two tracks: on the product one you will get access to partners and tools that will help you validate faster a product and make it ready for manufacturing; than on the business one you will be prepared to bring to market and sell your product worldwide. The product and the business tracks will be driven by Lean tools and methodologies in order to validate cheaper your assumption and connect faser the customers with your product.