What we do

Industrio Ventures invests in and supports innovative product startups, in the leading sectors of the Italian economy, like automotive and smart transportation, digital manufatcuring, biotech, robotics, tech for agriculture and for the environment.

Industrio Ventures is the first hardware accelerator in Italy and doesn’t only invest in the startups it believes in. To the teams, it offers a startup fund; entrepreneurial, technical and scientific skills for the development and prototyping of the product; an extraordinary network of partner companies; cutting edge manufacturing support. All of this with a strong focus on CSR and rapidly. Or, as our team likes to say, ASAP.


ASAP is an English acronym for “as soon as possible”. It summarizes Industrio Ventures’ philosophy well: bringing startups to market in six months.
But ASAP summarizes also the four lines of action of Industrio Ventures:

Acceleration of innovative product startups;

Scouting of innovative teams, companies and technologies;

Support (in Italian Accompagnamento) of ecosystems that want to increase their ability to innovate in the hardware domain;

Promotion of portfolio startups on European and international markets.

Here you find what you need to grow

Industrio Ventures supports innovative teams and startups that want to create great products in Italy. Every year we select and invests in a limited number of hardware startups and help them bring their product to market as quickly as possible.

As an accelerator, we help every team to find the right business model, to validate a prototype, to prepare the DFM, to start the process for the necessary certifications, to launch the product on the market and to set up a fundraising funnel. Additionally, we grant them access to the Industrio Network, that includes some of the best firms, universities and startups of the Italian industrial ecosystem: an excellent tool to validate, design and create a great product.

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