Why Italy

Yes, we are famous for being a wonderful country and for the good food. But we also build amazing products mixing design, fashion, beauty, technology and materials.

Company builder

We approach to product development, prototyping, factory with the “italian style”. We take care to build a great product, impact people‚Äôs life with their use, leverage and amazing network of people and industries.

Top products

Italian industrial heritage bring to life top entrepreneurs that built products that are still today at the forefront of design, materials, mechanics and user experience.

Mechatronics Hub

The Industrio office and headquarter is located inside the Mechatronics Hub in Trentino, an environment that will plug you and your team directly into one of the best industry platform worldwide.

Here you can

You will work for 6 months with an incredible network of people that worked in this italian ecosystem and now want to share with you their experience and insights to help to bring to market great products.

Because We Build Great Products, in trentino, Italy.